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Not only do we produce high quality cars in our company, we also want to contribute to a better quality of life in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We want to be a good neighbor who not only financially supports various events, but who also supports the development of young talents, protects the environment and spreads out joy and happiness. This is why we support many cultural and social events every year:
Nadační fond Hyundai

Hyundai Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund Hyundai has been establishing on the basis of the Declaration of Understanding between HMMC, government agencies and environmental organizations. Over 25 million CZK will be distributed to support community projects implemented mainly in the Frýdek-Místek and Nový Jičín Districts. These projects address the protection and improvement of the environment, and transparency of public administration and public access to decision-making.

Project Good Neighbor

In this project HMMC annually support cultural, sporting and leisure activities in 13 villages in the neighborhood. Each municipality can apply for financial support for their events, up to 70 000 CZK.

Projekt Dobrý soused

Česko-korejské dny v Ostravě

Korean Days in Ostrava

HMMC is a traditional partner of cultural events organized by the Municipal Culture Center in Ostrava and Korean Company. During the two days, visitors can familiarize themselves with both traditional and contemporary Korean culture such as calligraphy, Taekwondo, K-pop, Korean tea ritual and gastronomy.

Hyundai Family Day

HMMC also organizes Hyundai Family Day for its employees and their families. The program includes tours of the plant, a rich cultural program, many competitions and attractions for children and adults.

Hyundai Family Day

Mikulášská nadílka pro děti z Nošovic a okolí

St. Nicolas Party

Since 2006, our company has been engaged in the preparation of the St. Nicholas Day in Nošovice Elementary School. Employees will traditionally dress in costumes as Nicholas, an Angel and a Devil gift packages are given to children and their teachers.

Car donation

Further more, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing annually distributes several cars from the pre-production to the technical schools, vocational schools and vocational institutions that can take advantage of these vehicles. These models are complete, fully functional and perfectly equipped, but cannot be operated on public roads. Since 2007 HMMC has donated 78 cars and distributed 14 components.

Darování aut školám a dalším institucím

Společně pro bezpečnější Ostravu

Together for a safer Ostrava

HMMC is also a partner of the event of safety and crime prevention among young people and their families "Together for a safer Ostrava". Within the premises of the House of Culture chord in Ostrava present, in cooperation with local dealers of Hyundai cars, safety features and demonstration of the air bags in our cars.

Blood donation campaign

This campaign has been launched in 2009 as part of a global project of Hyundai Motor Group "Moving the world together." In 2013 a record number of employees was involved in campaign (266 employees).

Kampaň na podporu Darování krve

Dopravně-bezpečnostní akce „Prázdniny končí - provoz začíná“

Traffic safety event "Vacation is over - the traffic starts"

In cooperation with the Regional Office of the Moravian-Silesian Region and the Center for Safe Driving Libros, the road safety event was held the last day of summer. Visitors could try to ride in Hyundai cars on a special track with the sprinkling sliding surfaces, including simulation of obstacles in the form of a water column, allowing them to test our vehicles and critical driving conditions (atmosphere).