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Ecology as the highest priority

Global environmental policy

Eco-friendly approach in HMMC

Ecology as the highest priority

Climate changes, dwindling resources and other environmental issues get increasingly urgent on a global scale day by day. Moreover, those things no more concern ecosystems only, but more and more they have direct impact on human life and work. Hyundai Motor Company, as a car manufacturer, makes its best to develop and produce such vehicles that will not contribute to further worsening of already serious situation.

Environmental philosophy

“Hyundai Motor Company respects human values and fulfills its corporate social responsibility via protection of the environment on behalf of the harmony of mankind, environment and society”.

  • We recognize the environment as a key factor of any business and create corporate values via promoting eco-friendly management.
  • We support production and distribution of eco-friendly products.
  • We work to decrease pollution and to protect sustainable resources throughout entire life cycle of our products, including development, production and liquidation.
  • We provide environmental training to all our employees, support our subcontractors in eco-friendly management and thus contribute to overall well-being.
  • We meet all national and international environmental standards, regulations and agreements. We have been working on improvement of the eco-friendly management and we present our results to the public.

  • Since the very beginning of the plant construction there has been a high emphasize posed on respect for the environment. Over 1,000 were not cut down but replanted.
  • We have built sophisticated logistic system based on strategic placement of the three major subcontractors directly in the industrial zone. Two of them (Mobis and Dymos) are connected with the Assembly shop via covered bridges. This way, we save up to 200 trucks with components a day, which brings significant relief for the environment.
  • After the launch of production, we have implemented environmental management system ISO 14001 to confirm and emphasis our eco-friendliness and feeling of responsibility.
  • We use the most modern technology and top quality labs to ensure protection of the environment. We have implemented waste disposal system that includes correct sorting of the refuse.
  • Our paint shop uses water-based paints and all wastewater from the entire plant is processed in our very own high-tech wastewater treatment plan.
  • All production shops are equipped with special ventilation system ensuring direct removal of vapors and exhalations that occur during the production process.
  • In December 2012 a facility decreasing emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) via Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) was put into operation. The facility located next to the Paint shop works on the following principle: Polluted air from the spraying boots and drying owes is sucked in the combustion chamber where volatile organic compounds are incinerated under the temperature of nearly 1.000 °C. The cleaned air is cooled down and leaks freely into the atmosphere. Effectiveness of this process is more than 97%.
  • Thanks to the spraying robots installed in the Paint shop, overall consumption of paints dropped by 17% and total use of organic solvents decreased by 11.5%. In total, this measure has helped to decrease VOC emissions by 11%.
  • By installation of new energy saving efficient lighting in the Transmission shop we have decreased electricity consumption on lighting by 52%.
  • A rest zone consisting of 600 m2 of grass and 37 trees was built in the HMMC area.
  • We recycle up to 75% of all solvents used in the Paint shop.
  • 95% of all materials used for car production are recyclable.
  • 88% of all waste in HMMC is being recycled.
  • We use low-VOC materials.
  • As the only carmaker in the Czech Republic we have been awarded the EMAS certificate.

 Environmental Policy of HMMC