Innovation and the future

Hyundai’s goal has always been a better world for all. Thanks to our constant efforts, we have become a leader in the development of new technologies. Where others talk about alternative fuels, we are already producing hydrogen cars on large scale. Where others are timidly turning to the sky, we are already working on air aviation mobility. Where others are standing in one place, we are already moving. A better world is our commitment, which we take seriously.

For us it is not enough to spend time, but to spend it well.

The future for Hyundai is today.

The future is today.
We are ready.

Urban Air Mobility

Here we stand in 2020, a year represented in sci-fi movies with flying cars and floating touchscreens. But as eager as we are to catch up with the movies, we at Hyundai keep our mission of Progress for Humanity front and center

We have a proven track record in providing high-performing, reliable cars to our customers. But people expect more, and Hyundai has evolved into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.

While we could have focused on simply utilizing the best technology to build prototypes for the flashiest car yet, we knew it was most important to focus on the future of humanity. We set up an advisory group made of leaders in engineering, architecture, urban design, political science and psychology. And we asked them simply: what are the most important functions of a human-focused city?And the answer is: to care, to enable, to vitalize. Our task is to enable this in area of mobility.

UAM – Urban Air Mobility

It’s time to utilize urban air space to connect communities like never before. And we have partnered with Uber Elevate to bring you on-demand urban air mobility – all in safe, quiet, affordable and passenger-centered vehicles. Truly rising to the occasion. UAM reduces travel time, liberates us from grid-lock and makes flight an option for everyone.


Hyundai looks forward but never forgets the past. We learn from our history, we value our heritage. The 45 pays homage to our heritage.

We challenge status quo

When Hyundai introduced its new model Pony in 1974 it stood up to the bustling order that many thought was the only way forward. And nothing has changed about this till nowadays. We challenge status quo today just as we did it back then.

Hyundai 45

The diamond-shaped silhouette set at 45-degrees was formed for aerodynamics. The new icon features a dynamic fastback profile, long wheel-base, short overhangs, and big wheels. Pure mass, sharp lines.Together, it creates an engaging tension and a character that is purely sensual. As a progressive EV, the technologies can be seen visibly in 45’s design, as shown in new technologies such as Camera Mirror System (CMS) was designed as a feature that matches the side character of the 45 and is placed at a position that allows for most efficiency or full cover type wheel with multi-spoke uniformly spaced and architectural patterns which eliminate resistance of air.
Concept 45 continuous in spirit of Sensual Sportiness introduced by Le Fil Rouge concept. ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ is the evolving direction of Hyundai design. ‘Sensuous’ stands for enhanced emotional values that customers can experience through design, and ‘Sportiness is the determination to implement those values through innovative mobility solutions. Our mission is to discover the perfect harmony between emotion and function. Design adds emotional value to products through customer experience-oriented design, helping Hyundai to become a beloved brand from customers.

Le Fil Rouge

The Le Fil Rouge concept winds up like a red thread and shows that Hyundai never forgets its past, accepts it and learns from it. The DNA of the Le Fil Rouge concept comes from the 1974 Hyundai Coupe Concept and builds on a long history of creating cars with a distinctive and sporty character. Le Fil Rouge brings the latest manufacturer’s approach called “Sensual Sportiness”. It is based on four basic pillars: Proportion, Architecture, Style and Technology.


Le Fil Rouge fully respects the rules of golden ratio. Inspired by natural laws, this mathematical rule allows creators to create a car with a strong charisma.


Le Fil Rouge is built in a new style of “Light Architecture” in an effort to incorporate this new style into the heritage of the brand. The result is a dynamic look. The interior of the vehicle creates a sense of peace and safety.


No matter how different, Le Fil Rouge must still be perfectly identifiable as a Hyundai car among hundreds of other cars. This is why this concept clearly shows the unifying elements with other Hyundai cars, such as the typical cascade mask.


The basic designer’s principle has been and always is to allow perfectly smooth operation of all technologies. That is why we find technologies inspired by the aviation industry in this car, state-of-the-art technologies, but also wooden materials for perfect comfort of the crew.