Hyundai from Nošovice
receives the National Award
for Corporate Social

2 minutes of reading | 17.6.2022

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of the corporate strategy of the Nošovice-based car manufacturer Hyundai. Proof of the company’s responsible approach is its success in the 21st edition of the National Awards of the Czech Republic. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) was ranked 3rd in the Business category and received the top award of Socially Responsible Organization III.

The winners were officially announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Quality Council of the Czech Republic. The national awards represent an ideal opportunity to compare organisations against each other and, through internationally recognised assessments, not only improve corporate culture but also incorporate proven approaches to quality, social responsibility and sustainability into management. The prestigious awards for 2021 were received in the Glass Hall of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on Tuesday, May 31 by representatives of the Nošovice plant.

“The award in the National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility is proof for our company that we are moving in the right direction. This is not only about projects aimed at supporting the company of which we are a part. We also focus on our approach to employees, suppliers and the environment, and the quality of our products. Although 2021 was one of the more challenging years, we managed to meet our commitments related to our production plan and our corporate social responsibility strategy,” said Petr Michník, Head of HMMC’s Administration Subdivision.

Social responsibility has several pillars in the automotive company in Nošovice, which consist of grant programmes, partnerships with important institutions in the Moravian-Silesian Region, close cooperation with surrounding municipalities and volunteer activities. The Nošovice car factory has also been involved in environmental activities for a long time within the framework of partial eco days, emphasising waste recycling and activities to reduce emissions from production. Last year, Hyundai in Nošovice helped the municipalities in South Moravia affected by the devastating tornado with CZK 5,000,000, entered into a partnership with the FC Baník Ostrava Academy and also with ČSOP Salamandr. The company has also long supported hydrogen education or donated cars to technical schools.

For its activities, HMMC has previously been awarded the Top Responsible Large Company 2020 and 2021 awards, and in 2020 it also received the Regional Governor’s Award for Social Responsibility. “We have been committed to social responsibility and sustainability for a long time. We are aware of our commitment to the whole society and therefore we undertake various activities that take our company forward while helping in various places. We are extremely happy about the award, but it is not the primary driver. By participating in competitions like these, we get valuable feedback from independent experts. This gives us room for further improvement and to pursue our vision of a sustainable approach,” remarked Barbora Hermanová, Head of Public Relations at HMMC.

This year, for the first time ever, the Nošovice-based carmaker plans to publish a comprehensive sustainability report to provide transparent and understandable data on the company’s operations and activities to all important stakeholders – i.e. customers, employees, business partners, representatives of the non-profit sector and the media.