Hyundai in Nošovice opens its
own vaccination centre. It
will vaccinate employees and

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Employees of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC), employees of supplier companies and public can undergo vaccination against Covid-19 on the premises of the carmaker Hyundai in Nošovice. Vaccination centres will be opened on May 13 in cooperation with Moravian-Silesian Region. Daily capacity for vaccination is up to 300 people.
HMMC company is engaged in a fight against Covid-19 in a long term. The company showed that it’s ready to participate in vaccination since the beginning of vaccination in the Czech Republic.
“Vaccination is the most effective weapon in a fight against the pandemic. I am glad that we can offer the possibility to get vaccinated right here to not only our employees but also their families and public. It’s another evidence of our strong commitment to society and local community, we will help to speed up vaccination in our region. Opening of vaccination centres would not be possible without great cooperation with the MSR which is a coordinator of distribution of vaccines,” said Cheolseung Baek, the President of HMMC.
Vaccination centres at carmaker in Nošovice will operate at two locations. The one in Health Centre (which is accessible for public and usually works for employees of HMMC for preventive rehabilitation packages and fitness trainings) will be available mostly for public and suppliers’ employees. Vaccination centre will be opened from Monday to Friday from 6:00 till midnight. For the inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities, who could, for example, have problems with transport to the vaccination centre due to their health, the carmaker provided special vehicles that will transport them to the HMMC complex and back home.
“Coronavirus changed our lives significantly. Many of us got in the situation which could have not been considered possible few years ago. Who would have expected that carmaker can vaccinate people a year ago? It might be our lesson to learn that nothing is impossible. It’s very nice that company decided to help to solve the situation and opened vaccination centres on their own premises. I also appreciate the offer for transportation to centre and back home, especially older people will appreciate this for sure,” said Ivo Vondrák, the Governor of MSR and he added that the amount of vaccines allocated for MSR is growing. More than 45 thousand vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech are arriving to the region every week during this month and in June it should be more than 66 thousand vaccines per week.
Vaccination centre in Medical centre which is located at Assembly shop will vaccinate exclusively HMMC employees. Both vaccination centres are under responsibility of supplier of occupational-medical services for HMMC, Renturi company.
The general public, which will be interested in vaccination in Health Centre, can register in central registration system at Registration is currently opened for people older than 45 years. Ministry of health is releasing registration for another age group approximately every week since Easter. Vaccination centres in HMMC will vaccinate according to the same clue. It means that employees older than 45 years will be vaccinated first also in Medical centre.
The company did a survey amongst its employees in February to see if employees are interested in vaccination. Survey showed that almost 4/5 of employees were interested in vaccination in HMMC or at least consider it. That’s why HMMC worked hard to enable employees to get vaccinated in HMMC. Company also prepared very easy registration at internal portal. More than a thousand people registered in five days and new registrations are coming. Employees will be informed about the date of their vaccination via SMS.