Hyundai Nošovice car plant
welcomes its 100000th visitor

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On Friday November 25th 2016, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) welcomed its 100,000th visitor. Chosen from a group of forty visitors, the 100,000th guest was chosen by lottery by the president of HMMC Dongwoo Choi. It was Mr. Petr Karkoška, chairman of the OKD Lazy Coal Mine, who was visiting the HMMC plant with his colleagues. He received a number of Hyundai branded gifts and souvenirs.

The HMMC tours take place every Tuesday and every other Friday, but today was unique because something special would happen to one of the forty visitors. The unsuspecting guests each took a numbered ticket at the entrance to the cinema and, after the program began, President HMMC Dongwoo Choi drew one number, whose holder was named the hundred thousandth visitor to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech since it opened to public visits seven years ago.  The winner was Mr. Petr Karkoška, chairman of the trade union organization at OKD Lazy Coal Mine, who came to Nošovice to see the state-of-the-art car production together with his colleagues. On the podium, he received gifts from the president of the company and shared his impressions after the tour. “Compared to working down a mine, the work environment is a world away – cleanliness and light everywhere. On the other hand, even in your car factory, the work is demanding because it requires total concentration, ”said Petr Karkoška. “It was a really interesting tour – particularly for me because I am considering buying a Hyundai Tucson, so I wanted to see how you do it here. I wish the car manufacturer a lot of success and let the production increase.” Tours for the general public have been organized by HMMC since 2009. At that time, the groups were still walking around the factory, but since spring 2013, they have been visitor trains, which have made excursions accessible to people with impaired mobility. Those interested in visiting HMMC, which is free of charge, must register via the company’s website – and given the great interest, they must do so about half a year in advance.