Hyundai Nošovice further
helps South Moravia. It handed
over cars to People in Need

1 minute of reading | 24.11.2021

Three Hyundai i30 wagon cars can now be used by the employees of the non-profit organization People in Need, who are helping tornado-ravaged South Moravia. They were lent by the Hyundai car company in Nošovice. The company is thus continuing the assistance it provided to the areas affected by the devastating element in the summer.
At the end of June, a tornado devastated several villages on the border of the Breclav and Hodonín regions in South Moravia. People in Need sent coordinators to the area the day after the tornado and announced the SOS Morava collection.
Nošovice car factory also came quickly to help. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech has already helped the areas affected by the devastating tornado in the summer with CZK 5 million for the SOS Morava collection, and almost CZK 100,000 more was contributed by the company’s employees. Some of them went directly to the places affected by the natural disaster to help. In addition, in recent days, People in Need employees took delivery of three Hyundai i30 wagon cars in Nošovice, which will be used to provide aid to the inhabitants of the devastated villages.
“We want to thank Hyundai for this donation, it will help us a lot. We have a large team that now numbers fifteen people, including field workers, construction or debt counselors. The cars will help us to move flexibly between communities and help households that currently need us. We work in Hodonín, Mikulčice, Lužice, Dolní Bojanovice, Hrušky and Moravská Nová Ves,” said SOS Morava coordinator Michaela Guldanová from People in Need.
Money from the SOS Morava collection initially went to pay for repairs to housing and material aid, but now People in Need is adding projects to restore the landscape and support tradespeople and small entrepreneurs. In the next phase of assistance, the organisation will focus on the most affected households.