The Hyundai car plant and
Nošovice citizens join forces
to plant trees

2 minutes of reading

Saturday morning at the sports complex in Nošovice was unusually lively. About forty people met up to participate in the planting of trees on the noise barriers around the Hyundai car plant. Both employees of the plant and citizens of Nošovice came, led by Mayor Miroslav Kačmarčík, while the Hyundai team was headed by company president  Dongwoo Choi. After a short briefing, they all went to the dyke, where a ditch had already been dug for the trees, because there were no tiny seedlings, but tall trees about six metres high, which had to be planted in the pit, covered with compost and covered with soil.  While part of the work team was working with spades and shovels, others carried compost from the truck and others hammered stakes for three-leg supports around the trees. Altogether fifty trees, mostly elm, linden and maple trees were planted in the morning.

And why all this? There are several reasons for planting trees. The trees will strengthen the slope of the noise barrier and prevent erosion, provide nesting for birds and, together with the additionally installed benches, will beautify the area, which is a popular walking place for the inhabitants of Nošovice. The event is part of the Good Neighbour – Together program, in which thirteen municipalities in the vicinity of the Nošovice car plant Hyundai can apply for funding for projects to improve the environment, involving both residents of the municipality and volunteers from Hyundai who work completely free and in their free time. In addition to a good feeling and pride in the work done, the reward for all participants is just light refreshments and a green Hyundai T-shirt, which is issued exclusively to those who volunteer at this event.

And how did the participants rate the event?
“I’m really excited about it – lots of people, perfect mood, great weather, what more can we want? It’s great how many people are here and how much work has been done. In addition, we all have T-shirts with the words ‘Move the world together’, and I think it is a fantastic logo, and today’s event is the same, ”said Miroslav Kačmarčík, Mayor of Nošovice. Igor Slováček, principal of the kindergarten and elementary school in Nošovice, also praised the event, saying, “Today’s event perfectly ties in with Earth Day, which we celebrated with the children a week ago. It is exactly what we are teaching at school – nature conservation, improving air quality, and also today’s a great example of friendly cooperation.”
Dongwoo Choi, president of HMMC, is a regular participant in similar projects: “This event is a follow-up to the planting of wildlife bushes that we organized last fall. I have to say that today it is quite hard work, but it is useful and beneficial for the countryside and for the neighbouring communities around our plant. I am glad that the local population has been involved in such large numbers.”

Hyundai will continue to organize similar projects involving employees and residents. For example, extensive cleaning of the banks and channels of the Morávka River will take place in June.