We will distribute over CZK
1,000,000 to children,
athletes, the community and
people with disabilities

1 minute of reading | 22.5.2023

Thanks to the Together 2023 grant program, not only can organisers of sporting and cultural events throughout the region look forward to a grant of up to CZK 25,000, but the grants will also support material equipment for some clubs and their activities. Part of the money will help organisations dedicated to people with disabilities.

In total, the eighth annual Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech grant program attracted a record 122 applications, 18 more than last year. The evaluation committee, consisting of a total of 9 representatives of the company and the professional public, had a difficult task. The category Together for Sport received the most funding – a total of CZK 398,832, and 18 applications were supported. The second most supported category was children with CZK 305,439 and 16 projects. For the disabled, the company will provide a total of CZK 176,695 for 9 projects. The fourth category, Together for the Community, received the fewest applications, with CZK 123,600 going to 7 projects. In total, HMMC will distribute over CZK 1,000,000 to 50 applicants. Primarily projects that have been supported by HMMC employees are eligible for support.

The results of the grant program, including a list of supported projects, are available here.

Governor’s Award for Social Responsibility for HMMC

Through our grant programs, we have long supported the development of the surrounding communities, employee projects and activities, as well as contributing to young talents’ dreams. Thanks to the plant’s diverse CSR activities, we won the prestigious 2022 Regional Governor’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility on Tuesday, May 9. As we did three years ago, we won in the category involving businesses with more than 250 employees.

In recent years the company has launched a number of other socially responsible projects and entered into new partnerships with organisations in the region. We are a partner of the FC Baník Ostrava Academy, Dolní Vítkovice or Technotrasa and we also cooperate with ČSOP Salamandr on the restoration of mountain meadows in the Beskydy Mountains. “The award is very important for me personally and for our company. It proves that being socially responsible is not just a phrase for us, but something we are constantly improving and moving forward. I am very pleased that not only the region appreciates this, but also our employees, because they themselves help us to be socially responsible,” said Barbora Hermanová, Head of the Public Relations Department of HMMC.