With Hyundai around the world
to help young Amalka

1 minute of reading | 10.8.2022

From May 16 to July 31, we held a sports challenge called With Hyundai around the world, thanks to which we were able to help a good cause together through sport.

We managed to cover a virtual route of 62,965 kilometers in just 40 days from the start of the challenge. The route led from Nošovice through Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, South Korea, the USA and Brazil back to the Czech Republic. We did not choose the stops randomly – they are locations where Hyundai production plants are located.

The kilometers traveled by the employees by bicycle, running, walking or on inline skates helped not only their health, but also that of five-year-old Amálka, who belongs to the family of one of our employees. The baby girl was born prematurely in the 26th week of pregnancy, and because of this she developed numerous health complications. Employees could also contribute to Amálka’s rehabilitation through the Donio portal. We donated a total of CZK 93,087 to Amálka and her parents (CZK 63,087 on the Donio portal + a contribution of CZK 30,000 from HMMC for completing the challenge).

When evaluating the challenge, which took place with the participation of Amálka and her parents, we awarded several participants of the entire challenge. In addition to vouchers in the amount of CZK 1,000 to Decathlon, material packages were also prepared for the most active athletes.

Thank you, colleagues, together we did it again!