Angel of Fulfilled Wishes
again made Christmas wishes
come true to those in need

less than 1 minute of reading | 2.1.2024

Once again, our employees proved that their hearts are in the right place.

As in the previous three years, we gave joy in the run-up to Christmas with the Angel of Fulfilled Wishes project. There was again great interest in donating gifts in the project – all the wishes you could grant to those in need were distributed. Our Angel of Fulfilled Wishes this time delighted 62 seniors from the home in Komorní Lhotka, 31 children from foster families from the Třinec and Jablunkov regions and also abandoned animals from the Havířov shelter. Seniors most often wanted printed goods, cosmetics or clothes, children were interested in toys of various kinds and small electronics. Employees brought pellets, treats, beds, collars and other equipment for the animals. We also prepared an unforgettable experience for the seniors in the form of a concert by the Karviná choir Permoník, which was very much enjoyed by everyone.

Many thanks to all the angels of fulfilled wishes who joined the project and brought gifts to the needy. Check also the photo gallery from the gift giving.