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Here, under the Beskydy Mountains, more than 3,200 amazing employees produce quality and reliable cars that are sent to owners all over the world to become their indispensable partners on their way to extraordinary experiences and the joys of everyday life. Come take a look!

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Every Tuesday and every other Friday in month we organize site tours in HMMC for schools and public.

Tours must be booked at least one week before the scheduled date and can be completed in Czech or English language. Please specify your language requirement in booking form.

Please note that once a language is selected, it is no longer possible to request interpretation in another language within one group.

The tour is approximately 1.5 hours long. Book your HMMC visit via booking form attached below.

Please note: Please report your arrival to reception in administration building 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour, provide your booking code together with list of all the participants.

Please note: Site tours can be cancelled or rescheduled due to bad weather or production reasons. Site tours are not available during bank holidays, company holidays or in-between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Should you need to cancel or adjust your tour, please contact Mr. Petr Šrámek from Public Relations department,

phone: +420 596 146 138,
email: petr.sramek@hyundai‑

Select the day

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Select the date

Information about group

Organized groups (eg. schools) age limit 15 years

– At least 1 adult person with legal capacity has to come as an escort to each 20 students

– In doubtful cases it is necessary to prove the age eg. with the ID card

– Individual groups (eg. parents with children) – age limit 10 years

– In doubtful cases it is necessary to prove the age eg. with the child’s insurance card or minimum height 130 cm

Contact information

Special requirements

Summary of information and confirmation

Date of site tour
Interpratation will be in language
Amount of people
Type of the group
Name and last name
Phone number
E-mail address

Acceptation of terms

Frequently asked questions

Due to Health & Safety reasons all attending children must be age 10 or above and accompanied by adult.

Every organized group including schools have to be age 15 and above, for every 20 minors there has to be one supervising adult. Adults accompanying minors must be counted in to total number of visitors of the group.

For production reasons public can only visit within days stated in the booking calendar.

We recommend following the booking calendar as new dates may become available.

Due to Health & Safety reasons all attendants of the tour are required to wear long trousers, closed footwear and tops with sleeves minimally up to their elbows including the summer time months.

Due to high demand for our tours we require arrival at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the tour, with the list of all participants (name and surname) and appropriate clothing for entering our premises.

Our canteens are aimed for our employees only, therefore visitors are not permitted to visit or eat there.

Due to limited capacity of our trains it is crucial not to exceed limit of 35 visitors per group.


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