Manufacturing plant Nošovice

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech

First manufacturing plant in Europe

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s r.o. (HMMC), headquartered in the Nošovice industrial zone, was established on 7 July 2006. This historically is the largest foreign investment in the Czech Republic and was concluded in Korea one year earlier by representatives of the Czech Republic, the Moravian-Silesian Region, CzechInvest and Hyundai Motor Group.

The first pillar of the new plant was erected in March 2007 and after only 20 months the first mass-produced car rolled off the line. The environment has always been a high priority for Hyundai, and so has been the case with the construction of HMMC. More than a thousand trees that were located in the area were replanted in a demanding manner during the construction and restored to their original place after the construction was completed. You can still see these trees in HMMC today.

Nošovice is the only Hyundai plant in the European Union and is rightly considered one of the most modern car manufacturers in Europe. All models that come from our production lines have been developed to meet the needs of the European market to meet the strict requirements of European customers in terms of quality, safety and design.

The production capacity of our plant is 350,000 vehicles per year and since 2012 it has been filled every year thanks to the three-shift operation, which was launched in September 2011.

In addition to cars, there is also a shop for the production of transmissions. The transmissions from our Transmission shop are used not only for the Nošovice plant, but also for the Kia plant in Žilina and HAOS in Turkey.

Hyundai in Nošovice is an attractive employer for Czech citizens and especially for the inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian Region. We are proud that 92% of our employees are Czech citizens. The car manufacturer itself was followed by several subcontractors to the region, together the Hyundai brand created almost 12,000 jobs in our region.


Area 200 ha
Total investment 1.82 bn EUR
Number of employees 3,134
Czech citizens 92 %
Ratio men / women 85,6 % / 14,4 %
Manufacturing capacity 350,000 cars p/a

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