Company volunteering

We actively support volunteering of our employees. During the year, we regularly organize volunteering days with a variety of focus groups.

Volunteering days in Beskydy

Together with ČSOP Salamandr, we regularly set out to help the Beskydy countryside. We clean meadows, rake hay or plant the original types of herbs to make it look like it used to be in the Beskydy Mountains.


I signed up because I love nature, I like to help and I wanted to do something good for the Beskydy Mountains.
Volunteer Tomáš


„I like to roam the mountains and draw strength from them. This was a good opportunity to give them back a little.“
Volunteer Taťána

Volunteering in social services

We also dedicate our time to seniors, children and people with mental disabilities or mental illness. We regularly take part in charity events such as Give & Gain day or Giving Tuesday.


“Even such a one day is a big event for clients of social services facilities in their daily lives. What may seem like a trifle to us, to them is something they will remember for weeks, maybe even months. Therefore, if you are considering participating in a similar event, do not think so much about the reasons why the company does it. Think about, how much joy you bring to someone, who finds it hard every day.”
Volunteer Tomáš, who took part in Give & Gain day in a home for the elderly

Eco days

As part of the grant program Good Neighbor Together, we organize Eco Days, where our employees help near by municipalities with the implementation of ecological projects. For example, together with the inhabitants of Dobratice, we helped to improve the local forest park. In Třanovice we planted flowers and bushes around local school, or alley of trees in Raškovice.

I took part in this event for the first time. I like that we will help and the children will have a nice school environment .“
Volunteer Božena, who took part in the Eco Day in Třanovice


I very much appreciate this event, because I like that we are involved in cooperation with the near by municipalities.
Volunteer Renáta, who took part in the Eco Day in Dobratice