N Brand

Explore the boundaries. Move them. And you will find out what joy driving brings.

Drivers will experience the excitement and emotions of our motorsport expertise. Our future range of models will consist of power-driven cars that are full of energy and ready for the race track. For us, this is just the beginning of the journey, and the journey will be quick and exciting.

Albert Biermann, Head of Research, Development and Testing of Hyundai Motor.

Logo N

N as Namyang. N as Nürbugring. N as Nošovice. N like a corner that thoroughly tests the driver, the car and their interplay. N is our passion, N is our love. N is all ferocious in us that forces us to depress the gas and enjoy the feeling, whether we are on the circuit or on our way home.

Motorsport technology

When creating N models, we use our experience in motorsport, where the Hyundai brand has been operating since 2000. The aim of the N cars is to convey the feelings that real racing drivers experience.

The goal was not to create the fastest car, nor the car with the strongest engine. We’re not running after a minute. Our base unit is bpm, the number of heartbeats per minute. Whichever of our N models you choose, you’ll see yourself how driving raises your heartbeat.

Balanced power

The N models are designed to work perfectly together. This is the main secret and the basic ingredients: the balance of power. During the development and testing we thought of every detail and the result is a perfectly balanced unit, a car that communicates with the driver at all times, which he always controls. The result is simply a car that evokes a smile on every driver’s face.