Join us and take a look under the hood of Nošovice production.

Our car factory is one of the stops on the Technotrail, which brings together interesting technical monuments of our region.

Join us to see how the popular i30, Kona electric and Tucson models are made.

The Technotrail tour takes you on a journey through our production halls. We will take a look into the future and under the hood of electric mobility.

Technotrails take place every even Tuesday from 14:40 and last for an hour and a half.

Please arrive at the reception desk in the main administration building 15 minutes before your scheduled tour starts and report your field trip code to the front desk.

Please note: Tours may be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather or operational reasons.

Tours do not take place on public holidays, during full-time holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Should you need to cancel or adjust your tour, please contact Mr. Petr Šrámek from Public Relations department,

phone: +420 596 146 138, email: petr.sramek@hyundai‑


The Technotrail connects unique places where you can enjoy exceptional experiences reminiscent of the distinctive technical and craft sophistication of northern Moravia and Silesia. You will perceive their charm and unique genius loci with all your senses.

With the Technotrail you will discover the raw beauty of a region whose natural riches local people have been trying to conquer for centuries.


Technotrail card

Get a Technotrail card at any Technotrail stop, collect points for visits to technical sights and exchange them for interesting Technotrail-themed rewards. You can also buy the card in our, where you can also find selected rewards.

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