In Nošovice we manufacture cars for the whole world

Our models

In Nošovice we manufacture cars for the whole world since 2008.

Our cars are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide, from Iceland to Australia.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the big city, the beach or to the mountains, cars from our factory are everywhere.


Tucson is our main model, we have been manufacturing this car since 2015. Since then, more than one million of these cars has left our plant. Tucson creates more than two thirds of our production, which means every day we produce more than one thousand of them.

In 2018 Tucson had a facelift which added a sharper appearance. As a part of the modernisation, it also had an optional mild-hybrid drive, making Tucson the very first (mild) hybrid car produced in the Czech Republic.

For fans of a slightly sportier ride, in 2019 we launched a brand new, sharper, design-oriented Tucson N-Line. This version of the popular SUV excels especially in appearance – sports black accessories will cause passers-by to turn their heads. But the changes are not just on the surface. The sports version of the N-Line is slightly different even inside – for example, it has a harder chassis for a slightly sportier ride.

In 2020 we terminated production of the third generation and launched production of the fourth generation. The new generation came with brand new revolutionary design and changed the automotive game.


The Hyundai i30 is the face of HMMC. It was the i30, which in 2008 was the first car to be released from the production line of the brand new factory in Nošovice. It was then the first generation. We produced this model until 2012, when it was replaced by the second generation.
In 2017, the third generation, which we produce here today. We produce the Hyundai i30 in a total of seven variants from which everyone can choose.

  • i30 hatchback
  • i30 wagon
  • i30 Fastback
  • i30 N-Line
  • i30 wagon N-Line
  • i30 Fastback N-Line
  • i30 N
  • i30 Fastback N

Kona Electric

Our production program was extended by Kona Electric in 2020.
New but outstanding crossover is important milestone because it is the first electro mobile produced here.
Kona Electric is the car for those who are not afraid of being in a centre of attention – bold and fresh design causes that all passerbys turn their heads.
And it is not only great design. It also provides range up to 484 kilometers in one charge and this sends clear message: electro mobiles are full replacement of cars with combustion engines.
Kona Electric was facelifted in the end of 2020 and now it offers even cleaner design.

NEW Kona Electric

With its futuristic new look, a more dynamic road presence and a larger living space for all your adventures – this bold, upscaled SUV offers you cutting-edge smart tech coupled with the widest selection of powertrains in the segment. Find the perfect KONA to fit your life.