Code of Ethics

The importance of the Code of Ethics

It is an essential part of our corporate culture. It defines the behaviour we expect from all our employees and business partners. It represents the Hyundai Motor Group’s core values that help us to act ethically, honestly and responsibly. It represents a commitment by our company and each of us to act in accordance with the law, internal policies and our shared values.

In addition, the Code of Ethics is an essential foundation for the proper operation of any compliance program. This program aims to implement effective measures to prevent, detect and address violations of legal and internal regulations.

Why do we have it?

The creation of the Code of Ethics was a key step on our journey towards sustainable, transparent and responsible business, which we consider to be the only possible direction for the development of our company.

As a major company in the region and throughout the Czech Republic, we are aware of our mission to be a role model and to be at the forefront of socially responsible activities. We see this approach as part of our philosophy, which is shared across the Hyundai Motor Group – creating a healthier, happier and more sustainable world for everyone. All of this is captured in the global vision of “Progress for Humanity”.

In the context of these activities, the Code of Ethics is a tool that will provide a binding framework for the efforts described and enable the principles and rules to be implemented. This will make our goals more achievable.

Who is it for?

The Code of Ethics is binding for everyone at HMMC. We expect everyone at HMMC to act in accordance with the Code of Ethics, without distinction, as well as our business partners.

Any conduct contrary to this document will not be tolerated. In case of violation of this policy, possible consequences must be taken into account, ranging from employment measures to criminal sanctions.

By respecting the Code of Ethics, we protect not only ourselves but also those around us.

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