Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the foundation of our commitment to act in accordance with ethical and legal regulations, it is a backbone of the compliance program, which represents one of the highest priorities for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s. r. o. (hereinafter as “our company“). All conduct of any persons that may be objectively associated with our company, should stand up to the test of compliance with the Code of Ethics. No employee or any other person acting on behalf of our company, regardless of their profession or status in our company cannot be excluded from the scope of the Code of Ethics and they are required to abide by it.
Our company considers all of the following principles and rules to be the same important regardless the order in which they appear.

Economic development
By constantly improving management efficiency, we will protect interests of owners of our company, increase its assets and contribute to national economic growth.

Promotion of customers’ interests
We shall promote the rights and interests of our customers by supplying products and services of the best quality and fulfill our promises given to our customers.

Respect for people and development of human resources
We shall respect the individual personality of our employees to establish a corporate culture based on mutual trust, respect and understanding and do our best to provide equal opportunities and to prevent any kind of discrimination or harassment.

Privacy and personal data protection
We shall strictly protect privacy and personal data of any individuals according to our policy, and take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure protection of personal data.

We strongly prohibit any acts of corruption. We will not provide, offer nor accept a bribe.

Transparent business, fair competition and partnership with business partners
In our transactions with our business partners, including customers and suppliers, we shall conduct ourselves according to transparent standards to create an honest corporate culture beloved and trusted by the public, based on fair, transparent terms and ensuring mutual benefit.
We shall provide necessary technical support and leadership to our business partners to achieve mutual growth.

Accurate business and financial records, fulfillment of tax and customs duties
We shall always manage and keep accounting and business records fully and accurately in accordance with all applicable legislation, standards and internal regulations of our company. We shall strictly adhere to all relevant legislation regulating taxes and customs.

Environment & Society
We shall protect and improve environment through innovative technologies and strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations. We will demonstrate our social responsibility through cultural and publicly beneficial activities.

Intellectual property
We shall strictly comply with all laws related to industrial designs, patents, copyright, trademarks and other branches and forms of intellectual property.

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