European Diversity Day

2 minutes of reading | 30.6.2023

This year, Friday 26 May is European Diversity Day and we are also celebrating the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Diversity Charter.

At Nošovice we believe in an inclusive work environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. Because we are fair, we have levelled the conditions for our colleagues from the LGBT+ community and have policies and programs in place to ensure equal opportunities, non-discrimination and protection of the rights of all employees. We pride ourselves on promoting diversity and fostering a culture of tolerance within the company.

“We will give our employees from the LGBT+ community the same treatment as their heterosexual colleagues. In the case of a civil partnership, an employee will be entitled to time off as for a normal wedding, similarly in the case of a funeral for the death of a partner or the birth of a child. We will also provide time off work when accompanying a partner or child to a medical facility. We have also straightened out the conditions for providing a benefit allowance for weddings and registered partnerships, as well as for the birth of a child,” said Klára Klepáčová, head of the Human Resources Department. The company HMMC, which provides its employees with salary significantly above the average in the Moravian-Silesian Region, also takes care to match the wages of women and men in the area of remuneration. It also takes care, among other things, of the return of colleagues from maternity and parental leave and the career development of employees.

During this year’s Diversity Month we also focus on intergenerational differences and working effectively with the potential of each generation. We know that each generation has different life experiences, technology skills and approaches to work, and all deserve respect. As a company, we also see that in this world full of changes, it is crucial to be able to work effectively with the potential of each generation.

That’s why we have prepared a training course on intergenerational relations for managers, which will be delivered to almost 90 colleagues this year. It is the managers who must actively deal with the relationships between different generations and their cooperation in the workplace. Since there is no shame in not knowing, we want to help them do this. In a series of training sessions, experienced trainers will guide them through the characteristics of each generation and show them the unique perspectives and values that each generation brings to the team.

At our company, we know that collaboration between departments bears fruit, and likewise, building bridges between generations brings new insights and additional opportunities for growth. Without preconceived ideas and stereotypes, we can open the way to the mix of ideas and experiences that diversity in teams brings. Try looking at the world through the eyes of a colleague or simply just listen. Mutual respect costs nothing, but can pay off tremendously.