Hyundai from Nošovice is a
Good neighbour. It will
distribute CZK 840,000 to
municipalities in the area to
support community events

2 minutes of reading | 10.3.2023

Cultural Day in Horní and Dolní Domaslavice, the purchase of a firefighting sprayer for the needs of young firefighters in Dobrá or equipment for the clubhouse in Dobratice. Not only these activities will be supported in the 12th year of the Good Neighbour Programme by the Hyundai car company from Nošovice. Each of the 13 participating municipalities in the vicinity of the plant will receive CZK 60,000, which is CZK 10,000 more than in previous years.

“I am glad that we can support the surrounding community. I am pleased that the mutual cooperation with the municipalities works on an above-standard basis and that we are a reliable partner for the municipalities who care about the development of the region,” praises Barbora Hermanová, Head of the Public Relations Department at HMMC.

This year, the municipalities of Dobrá, Dobratice, Dolní Domaslavice, Dolní Tošanovice, Horní Domaslavice, Horní Tošanovice, Nižní Lhoty, Nošovice, Pazderna, Raškovice, Třanovice, Vojkovice and Vyšní Lhoty can also look forward to the contribution. The money will be used not only to organise cultural and social events, but also to purchase the necessary equipment for local associations.

In addition, the municipalities of Raškovice and Dolní Domaslavice will receive financial support in the accompanying project “Good Neighbour Together”. Both municipalities will receive an additional CZK 30,000. This is to support environmental activities in which the inhabitants of the villages and HMMC employees participate. In Raškovice they will create a new avenue of fruit trees on one of the original paths in the village and in Dolní Domaslavice they are planning a joint clean-up of the area around the Žermanice dam and local roads and planting a tree in the centre of the village.

The annual meeting of HMMC representatives and village mayors together with the presentation of symbolic cheques took place this year on Thursday, March 9, in an unconventional way in the premises of the multifunctional Gong auditorium in the area of Dolní Vítkovice, of which Hyundai from Nošovice is a partner. In addition to the presentation of news from the HMMC environment, the mayors heard interesting facts and upcoming plans in the field of tourism and cycling in the Moravian-Silesian Region presented by the destination company Moravian-Silesian Tourism.

The Good Neighbour Programme is one of the pillars of HMMC’s corporate social responsibility. Throughout the month of March, applications are being accepted for the Together grant programme, which will provide financial support to non-profit organisations, associations and individuals from the region. The amount of support per project ranges from CZK 5,000 to 25,000. In total, the company has allocated a record CZK 1,000,000 for the Together grant programme this year.