Internships for university
students in Nošovice

6 minutes of reading | 14.2.2024

The internship project at Hyundai is in full swing. We currently have 12 colleagues who are helping across departments in both production and administration. How did our early trainees get their internships, what is their story and what does their internship entail? Meet our first interns who have been at it with us since the very beginning of this project.

Jan Palovský from the Paint Shop

Honza studies at VŠB-TUO, specifically at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Robotics with a focus on designing robotic workplaces. He found out about the internship at the Career Fair Kariéra+, which his school regularly organizes.

Ever since he was young, he has liked (and sometimes, he says, hated) tinkering with wheels. Gradually, he also switched to motorbikes and similar machines. So after finishing high school, he decided to go to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In the second year, another decision came, namely the choice of specialization. “After seeing all the majors, I was most interested in the robotics department. This was mainly due to the content and focus of the subjects taught there. I was also interested in the practical exercises at the robotics centre,” explains Honza. He continues his further studies at the same department.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, there are many robots at the Paint Shop, which Honza is now working on as part of his internship. Recently, he has been focusing mainly on monitoring material consumption and other values on the robots, modifying the skid cleaning workstation, and has also had the opportunity to participate in robot teaching.

He likes to spend his free time with his girlfriend, friends or family. If he’s not traveling anywhere and is at home, he enjoys taking a bike or motorcycle tour of the area. He also occasionally goes jogging, plays football or watches hockey as a fan.

Anežka Šenkýřová from PR department

Anežka is currently studying Marketing and Business at the Faculty of Economics, VŠB-TUO. She came to the HMMC campus after graduation for a summer job before starting university. She spent more than three months on the final assembly hall and fondly remembers this period.

She is ending her one-year internship a few months early due to a study abroad experience. She will spend the next six months at Ajou University in Suwon, Korea. When she arrives back, she will have to hand in her thesis, which she is currently working on in cooperation with the PR department, and hopefully pass her final exams.

She would advise all students to try to find an internship in the field they want to pursue while studying. “After all, we will all graduate one day, we will all have the same degree, but experience is what will set us apart from our peers and give us a stepping stone. An internship is a really great way to combine theory from school with practice, so don’t hesitate to at least try to apply. Even if you don’t get the internship, the interview with feedback is an experience that will be useful in the future,” says Anežka.

Antonín Hikade from Stamping

Tonda is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VŠB-TUO. He found out about the internship opportunity at HMMC through the K+ portal, which is the university’s career portal for students and recent graduates.

Already during his studies at the industrial college, he was most attracted to production technology because of its varied workload, so he was clear about the field when he entered the university. Of all the possible technologies, Tonda was most attracted to sheet metal forming (pressing), which he eventually started to focus on more, especially in terms of simulations of the sheet metal pressing process.

Tonda’s typical working day looks like he usually doesn’t know in advance what his mentor David has in mind for him. The tasks are really varied, ranging from measuring the surface finish of the moulds, to applying a deformation mesh to the sheet metal (to see if the sheet metal is stretched), to helping with maintenance when the mould needs to be cleaned and re-lubricated for the next use. There has also been quite a bit of work recently on scanning and then modifying the model, starting with trying to simulate the molding process.

Tonda’s larger project could be considered to be that he has been involved in measuring the roughness, hardness and thickness of the mould finish during the start-up of the new Kona model. Alternatively, when there was a lot of sheet metal cracking, he would apply a deformation mesh to the sheet metal and examine the stretching of the sheet metal in critical areas.

Jakub Chroboczek from Sales Planning

Kuba is studying an economics-oriented field and wanted to put his acquired knowledge into practice. His previous part-time jobs did not offer much economic benefit. Once he learned through a friend who works here and then on the official HMMC website that there was a new internship program, he didn’t hesitate. “Moreover, given the fact that I live a few kilometres from the plant, I have seen its presence as a possible career opportunity for many years,” explains Kuba.

One of his main jobs is to take care of the archiving of transport documentation. Whether it is transport by trains or trucks. He also assists his colleagues with invoicing. Currently, he is also focusing on a questionnaire survey that looks at customer satisfaction with the work of his department. Based on this research, there will be an opportunity to further improve the service provided.

When he recalls his interview, he remembers being nervous at first, but he says it was completely unnecessary. The first days he was getting to know his colleagues and the department’s agenda. “Everyone was very nice and helpful,” Kuba recalls. “I was impressed by the friendly atmosphere. I went from absorbing knowledge to performing tasks independently. My colleagues were a great support in this,” he adds.

Klára Jančošková from HR department

Klára studies English for Professional Practice at the Silesian University in Opava. As far as her internship path is concerned, she searched for possible HR positions on the internet and among the results was an offer of internships at Hyundai. “I had always assumed that Nosovice was mainly technical and I wouldn’t have thought to look for many administrative positions here, so I was very pleasantly surprised,” explains Klara.

Among those interested in an internship, there are many students who apply on the careers website without a specific position requirement. But this was not the case for Klára. She knew from the start that she wanted to apply for a position in the HR department for several reasons. “I was studying at a secondary medical school where, after some time, I came to the conclusion that I would like to work with people, but not exactly as a health care professional. During my studies at university I gained experience in HR, especially in staff training and recruitment. I liked the content of the work so much that I plan to stay in HR after college,” she explains.

Klára’s role was intended from the beginning as an intern for interns. And what to imagine under such a role? She is in contact with the students from the first moment they take an active interest in internships. She goes through the CVs, communicates with the applicants and then is also present at some of the interviews. She was in charge of the initial training of the interns, which she conducted in collaboration with Anezka, an intern in the PR department, and other colleagues. Of course, she also maintains the community and is there to help if someone is unsure about something. In addition to working with interns, she regularly comes in to help out in the payroll office and does administrative support for the Health Center. She would still like to gain experience from her education colleagues during her internship.

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