We are launching a new
sponsorship program!

2 minutes of reading | 15.1.2024

Are you organising a ball, a community meeting, a sports tournament or an event for children? Do you need prizes for raffles or competitions? We are launching a new sponsorship program in which we will donate material gifts to selected applicants.

As a Good Neighbor, we help out in the region on many fronts. We also support cultural, sporting and leisure activities – and because we want to continue to spread the good name of our car company and promote our plant, we are launching a new sponsorship programme. In it, organisers of events in the region can apply for in-kind sponsorship donations with a Hyundai theme. Many of these are well known from our H. Shop.

What can I apply for?

– small gift items – pens, reflective elements, key rings, etc.

– wine gift set

– car wash kit + Tucson model

– outdoor kit – tin can, multifunctional scarf, socks, multifunctional keyring

– gift set of liquor, playing cards and chess in a wooden box

– a package full of Korean goodies

– set of 2 pieces of Czech porcelain (cibulák)

– VIP plant tour with Korean dinner for 4 persons

Who is the sponsorship programme for?

The programme is intended not only for our employees who organise an event, but also for neighbouring municipalities, schools and other organisations in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

How do I apply for a sponsorship donation?

If you are interested, please email granty@hyundai-motor.cz. We will then send you an application form to fill in, giving information about the event – e.g. location and date of the event, estimated number of visitors, gifts you would be interested in, etc. Applications will be reviewed by the PR department.

Employees can apply for gifts up to a value of CZK 2,000, organisations up to a value of CZK 3,000 and municipalities up to a value of CZK 5,000. For this year we have made CZK 200,000 available for the pilot project.

What do we want from applicants who are successful in their application?

A condition is a certain advertising performance. What does that mean? We welcome the placement of our logo at your event, mention of our donation, for example on the web, social media or in printed materials. We will be happy to lend you a banner.

Do you have further questions? Please contact us at granty@hyundai-motor.cz. Click HERE to learn more about our grant programs.