Hyundai again donates cars to
technical schools

less than 1 minute of reading | 19.9.2016

As is now traditional, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) will distribute pre-production cars to technical schools at the end of the year, mainly to teach future car mechanics, technicians and engineers.

This year once more HMMC will donate Hyundai i30 and ix20 cars to technical schools, or rather, sell them for a symbolic CZK 1 per car. These cars are complete, fully functional and fully equipped, but cannot be homologated for use on public roads because they were manufactured before the official start date of mass production. The cars could be scrapped, but it would certainly be a shame, as they can still be put to good use. These cars serve as teaching aids in special classrooms where future car mechanics and technicians learn about the functions of the engine, transmission, and electrical and electronic systems and more. Schools interested in cars should contact HMMC’s Human Resources Department for information. Contact The deadline for applications is 21st October 2016.