Together for electromobility.
Hyundai Nošovice will provide
a Kona Electric to the
Bartošovice Rescue Station

2 minutes of reading | 17.7.2023

Every day, conservationists from the rescue station in Bartošovice travel to injured wild animals throughout the region – most often birds. They will now also be able to use our Hyundai Kona Electric on their journeys thanks to the Together for Electromobility project. The Bartošovice Rescue Station received an electric car from our Nošovice Hyundai car company for six months for free.

“We are very happy to have succeeded in the Hyundai challenge. It is very important for us, because as a rescue station we cover a huge territory, practically the whole Moravian-Silesian region and the Vsetín region. We take in up to 2,300 animals a year, and during this period we go out several times a day. This is the first time we have had an electric vehicle, we are looking forward to it. We will drive quietly and save the environment,” said Petr Orel, the head of the facility.

The Together for Electromobility program, under which we provide selected candidates with a Kona Electric electric car from our own production, helps the development of electromobility in the Moravian-Silesian Region. We launched a pilot project to promote clean mobility last summer, when we donated a Kona Electric for one year to the Třinec City Council for business purposes.

“We are glad that we have launched the Together for Electromobility program and could now support the Bartošovice Rescue Station. The issue of environmental protection is very important to us. Beyond environmental measures across the board, we organise and support interesting projects that contribute to the preservation of the natural wealth around us,” said Barbora Hermanová, Head of the Public Relations Department of HMMC.

Employees can regularly take part in so-called eco days to help nature in the surrounding area. We also support the ČSOP Salamandr organisation, which implements projects related to nature conservation in the Beskydy Mountains. It contributes to preserving the diversity of mountain meadows and pastures on the Beskydy slopes. Since this year we have been supporting the breeding of the endangered Grévy’s zebra in the Ostrava Zoo. Insect houses, bird houses, bird feeders and bat boxes have recently been placed on the HMMC premises. The butterfly meadow by the Lakovna Hall is also an interesting feature. We carry our consideration for the environment into all our activities. We support a number of other environmental initiatives through grant programs or the Hyundai Foundation.

At the beginning of next year we will hand over the Kona Electric to the local action group Frýdlantsko – Beskydy within the project Together for electromobility. The applicants will thus experience the benefits of an electric car for themselves. The next round of applications will be launched next spring.