Carmaker Hyundai takes care of
equal conditions

2 minutes of reading | 9.6.2021

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) considers tolerance and equality to be one of the main principles to create fair working environment. Together with other significant companies, which also consider the most varied, creative and innovative skills and qualifications of people to be the key to success, HMMC joined the Diversity Charter.

European Diversity Charter, in which employers avow their commitment to develop generally tolerant working environment, officially started in the Czech Republic in 2014. Charter is supported by European commission and it was launched in our country under the auspices of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Government Office. Diversity Charter is voluntary commitment of companies, employers or cities, municipalities and public institutions.

“In Nošovice we emphasize innovations, efficiency, sustainability and technological sophistication. Principles of tolerance, equal opportunities and cultural diversity positively influence thinking and direction of company and are source of inspiration. That is why it is in our common interest to build up corporate culture which is opened to everybody regardless of gender, colour of skin, nationality, age or sexual preferences,” said president of HMMC Cheolseung Baek.

In June, company prepared education campaign for its employees which shows importance of diversity and respect to differences. Employees can visit travelling exhibition in the area of HMMC. Exhibition was prepared by initiative Jsme fér (We are fair) and is called “One love, one marriage,” which was photographed by world famous photographer Robert Vano. The evidence of equal access of HMMC is also in few novelties in area of benefits provided to HMMC’s employees from June.

“We provide to our employees from LGBT community same conditions as to their heterosexual colleagues. They will get vacation in the case of registered partnership (same as is for wedding) or for funeral in the case of death of their partner or in the case of birth of the child. We will provide vacancy also for accompanying a partner or child to a medical facility. We also equalized conditions for getting benefit contribution for wedding and registered partnership and also for birth of child,” added manager of HR department Klára Klepáčová. HMMC, which provides its employees with a significantly above-average financial evaluation within the Moravian-Silesian Region, also pays attention to the matching of women’s and men’s wages in the area of remuneration. It pays attention, among other things, to the return of colleagues from maternity and parental leave and the career development of employees.