Electric Kona from Nošovice
on a mission to protect

1 minute of reading | 18.10.2023

In June this year, our KONA Electric travelled to the Poodří Rescue Station and Nature House in Bartošovice as part of the Together for Electromobility grant programme. Energised to help, it travels almost daily around the Moravian-Silesian region and occasionally to the neighbouring Zlín, Olomouc and South Moravia regions.

KONA is part of the rescue of animals of different species and sizes at the station. In these autumn days it is mainly hedgehogs, as it is the so-called hedgehog season. Besides hedgehogs, there are also various species of songbirds, owls and birds of prey.

In the long term, the rescuestation also deals with the issue of saving the common tit. Dozens of boxes are put up, the titmice are raised in human care and then released in selected locations, which are carefully controlled. Rescuers at the station try to eliminate any unintentional baits or traps that could endanger the titmice and other wildlife.

The rescuers praise the Kona, which has become an indispensable partner to the Bartošovice rescuers. “We have a great time with the electric vehicle. We have never had any experience with such a vehicle before, so there were some concerns, but they were really unjustified. We were surprised by the comfort of the ride, the long range and the generally relaxed and intuitive use,” explains Marcela Orlová from the rescue station.

“The biggest benefit is, of course, that we can carry out our journeys with a ‘clear conscience’ towards nature. It will be hard for us to part with it. But for now we are enjoying it to the full. We take it as a kind of “gift” for our anniversary, as our Rescue Station has been helping animals for 40 years,” he adds.

We thank the rescuers of the station for the help they give to our nature and wish them all the best for a wonderful anniversary!