Good neighbor Hyundai will
support selected projects in
the surrounding municipalities
with 700,000 CZK this year

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Nošovice, February 13, 2020 Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) has been committed to good relations with its neighbors since its beginning in Nošovice. Therefore also this year the management of the company invited a delegation of mayors from surrounding municipalities to the factory. In the ninth year of the Good Neighbor project the carmaker handed over symbolic checks worth 700,000 CZK for selected projects nominated by the municipalities.

This year’s Good Neighbor Program meeting was attended by mayors and mayors of thirteen municipalities (Dobra, Dobratice, Dolni Domaslavice, Dolni Tosanovice, Horni Domaslavice, Horni Tosanovice, Nizny Lhoty, Nosovice, Pazderna, Raskovice, Tranovice, Vojkovice, Vyšní Lhoty). HMMC donates 50,000 CZK to each of them. It will support local sports and cultural life plus society. Symbolic checks were handed over to the mayors by HMMC President Donghwan Yang.

In addition, the municipalities of Vyšní Lhoty and Horní Tošanovice will receive financial support in the Good Neighbor Together project for the revitalization of the Kamenité cultural complex and the natural corner for children. Employees of Nošovice carmaker will participate in both events.

“We are glad to be able to support neighboring municipalities and thus strengthen mutual friendly relations. Social responsibility is an important part of our corporate culture. We want to be the right partner for a common future,” said HMMC President Donghwan Yang at the meeting.

Mayors commend the project. “It’s a good activity. We traditionally use funds from the Good Neighbor program for cultural and social events, thus supporting community life. Citizens of all ages meet there, so it is an intergenerational meeting, ”said Marie Gryžboňová Mališová, Mayor of Nižní Lhoty.

Mayor of Nošovice Jiří Myšinský appreciates that HMMC has been distributing money to municipalities for a long-time. “We use it to support the activities of our associations so that they know that HMMC operates in Nošovice, but also for environmental projects such as planting trees,” said Mayor of Nošovice.

After a meeting and a Korean lunch, the mayors had the opportunity to visit the plant’s paint shop. A unique place where standard visits do not go due to strict production rules. And at the end of the visit there was also the possibility of test drives with Hyundai car.