Hyundai from Nošovice will
provide a record amount to
grant applicants. It will
support 45 projects

1 minute of reading | 13.5.2022

The Hyundai car company in Nošovice continues to support regional sports, culture and projects dedicated to children and the disabled. In this year’s edition of the Together 2022 grant programme, it will provide 45 applicants with an amount exceeding CZK 810,000. This is a fifth more than in previous years.

There was also great interest in the grant programme this year. In total, a record 104 applications were received in the seventh year, which is 9 more than last year. The evaluation committee, consisting of 11 representatives of the company and the professional public, had a difficult task.

“The Together programme is already a constant among our grant programmes. I am delighted that we have many skilful and active people around us who give their time to others, so that we can support children, sports, the disabled and culture every year. I am very pleased that this year was in many ways a record year, both in the number of applications received and the number of those supported. We hope that our support will help to launch new projects or keep existing ones on track,” said Barbora Hermanová, Head of Public Relations at HMMC.

The most funds – a total of CZK 319,490 – were awarded to the Together for Sport category, with 17 applications supported to help clubs and the organisation of sporting events in the region. The second most supported category was children with CZK 243 427 and 14 projects. For the disabled, the company will provide a total of CZK 177,500 for 10 projects aimed at individuals and organisations. The lowest number of applications came for culture, where CZK 70,000 will go to 4 projects.

Organizers of sports and children’s events throughout the region can look forward to the grant, and the grant programme will also support material equipment for some clubs and children’s educational activities. The company will also contribute to the purchase of equipment for novice para-hockey players, a therapeutic stay for children with autism or aqua-rehabilitation for people with Parkinson’s disease. Individuals and legal entities can apply for a grant of up to CZK 20,000; HMMC will contribute up to 50% of the eligible costs. Grant recipients must implement their projects in the Moravian-Silesian Region. A complete list of supported projects can be found here.