Partnership with FC Baník
Ostrava Academy continues

1 minute of reading | 6.9.2023

The Baník Youth Academy has been supported by our generous support since 2021 and we will continue to support the sports training of children and young people as the general partner of the FC Baník Ostrava Academy.

“Hyundai has been a partner of our academy, which is one of the largest in the country, for three years now. It is no coincidence that Hyundai in Nosovice is the largest investment in the region and at the same time Baník Ostrava is the largest club in Moravia and Silesia. The connection is therefore natural and I am glad for Baník,” said Václav Brabec, owner and chairman of the board of FC Baník Ostrava.

“The partnership with the FC Baník Ostrava Academy has made us happy for the third year already. When you say Baník, almost everyone remembers a memory, there are emotions involved. I am pleased that thanks to the association with the Academy we support young quality athletes who proudly wear the blue and white jerseys and we are there,” said Barbora Hermanová, Head of Public Relations at HMMC. In addition to the financial contribution to the academy, thanks to the partnership with HMMC, the academy’s officials and coaches can use a trio of Hyundai Tucson cars in a plug-in hybrid version and with a special coating.

The partnership also includes the prestigious Hyundai Youth Cup, the third edition of which has been held on 19 August 2023 at the football field on the HMMC campus. The tournament for the U9 age category featured 12 leading teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and a total of more than 100 young footballers. Baník Ostrava and Slovan Bratislava made it through to the Hyundai Cup final – and Baník won on penalties.

Thanks to the extension of our partnership with the FC Baník Ostrava Academy, our employees were also able to experience an unusual experience – an excursion to the legendary Ostrava Bazaly, which now serves as a training centre for adults and youth and the headquarters of Baník Ostrava. But it was not just a guided tour of the stadium and its facilities. On Monday, 28 August, the employees could take their children with them, who, in addition to the tour, tried out real Baník training. Even young football enthusiasts were able to enjoy the experience.