Thanks to grants, Hyundai
Nošovice will help sportsmen,
children, handicapped people
and culture

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Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) will support regional sport, culture and projects focused on children and handicapped people this year too. Applicants can get up to 20 000 CZK for their projects thanks to the 6th year of grant programme „Together 2021“.
Carmaker in Nošovice started this grant programme in 2016 for the first time. Natural and legal persons can apply for grants, condition is that employees who work in HMMC for at least a year were involved in the project actively or passively. Employees can apply with non-profit organization and get a grant up to 20 000 CZK for it every year. Our company supported 35 projects and distributed 640 000 CZK in 2020.

Grant programme is constituted by four pillars. Category Together for children aims at projects to support leisure time activities and development of children creativity. Part Together without barriers will support activities of organization focused on helping the handicapped or purchase of supplies and special equipment. Next category – Together for culture – is made to support culture and social events or renovation of culture heritage. And thanks to category Together for sport organisers of national and international contests in region and young sportsmen will get support. All supported projects have to take place in MSR.

“Corporate social responsibility is inseparable part of our corporate strategy here in Nošovice. Supporting non-profit organizations and people who dedicate their time to work in hobby organizations or helping the handicapped is very important in times like this. We believe that our grant programme Together will help our region to go alive again after the pandemic will back away,” said Barbora Hermanová from Public Relations department in HMMC.
Minimal contribution for one project is 5 000 CZK, maximum is 20 000 CZK. HMMC will participate up to 50 % of costs of the project.

Applications can be submitted only online at till 31st March. Supported projects will be selected by committee composed of HMMC employees and experts. Company plans to donate 640 000 CZK.
Grant program “Together 2021” is the second project of HMMC with financial support of region this year. The company has already handed over symbolic checks to the mayors of the thirteen surrounding municipalities in the tenth year of Good Neighbour programme. HMMC donated 50 000 CZK to each of them. This money will support their sport, culture and community life. In the Good Neighbour programme municipalities were given 700 000 CZK in total.