The Nošovice car plant opens
health centre for employees at
a cost of more than CZK 20

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From 15th January, employees of the Nošovice car plant have access to a new health centre. The investment of more than CZK 20.5 million is to reinforce the trend of reducing workplace accident rates, treatment of symptoms of incipient illnesses and improvement in prevention of employee illness. The health centre will thus help to improve efficiency at Nošovice Hyundai, and to increase employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

CZK 19.6 was invested in building the health centre, and equipping the health centre with fitness machines and special rehabilitation machinery cost CZK 1 million. In these times of low unemployment rates, the health centre is an attractive benefit not only for existing employees, but also potential new employees.

“At HMMC we know the key role employees play, and how we cannot function without them. We appreciate our employees and try to provide long term support for their general satisfaction, comfort and most of all their good health and prevention of injuries and illness,” says President of HMMC Yang Dong Hwan, who adds, “the opening of the health centre puts our company amongst the leading firms in health care for its employees not only in the Moravian-Silesian region, but in Czech Republic as a whole. Not many employers can provide such high quality services to its staff directly in the workplace, and free of course, so that the services are truly available to everyone.“.

The health centre services are provided to help staff cope with the demanding work they do in the car plant. Special procedures can be provided, and exercises recommended based on expert opinion and examinations at the health centre. As well as standard health centre services, such as a gym with weight room, other treatments will be on offer, such as aquatherapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy and massage. There will also be classes such as Pilates, yoga and circuit training. “All services are provided to core employees and agency workers free of charge. It is a big advantage that the health centre is located inside the factory site and so is easy for employees to get to,” says Kimberley Oborná, head of fitness at the health centre.

Apart from the rehabilitation and fitness activities, employees also have access to a psychologist, to encourage better mental health in the workforce. “In 60 % of cases with employees we deal with issues of a private nature, such as difficult family relationships. The remaining 40 % are cases related to relationships at work. It’s most often managers and team leaders who come to me to discuss relationships between employees and the best way to deal with those issues,“ says psychologist Alena Stoklasová.

HMMC has seen a long-term trend of a reduction of workplace accidents, which, compared to 2015, have dropped by 63 %, and in 2016 and 2017 there was only one workplace accident. As well as other awards, the company is proud to be a long-term holder of the “Safe workplace” award, given by the National Office for Inspection of Work.